photocollage1Sara. 27. Knoxville, Tennessee. MFA. PhD student. Writer. Teacher. Activist.

these things make me happy:
my two long-haired dachshunds, Lily & Weasley. young adult fiction. every new independent coffee shop that opens up in Knoxville. Pod Save America. a bunch of dogs I’ve never met on Instagram. Jeni’s ice cream. The Walking Dead, Riverdale, Supernatural, Stranger Things, & Bob’s Burgers. asking Alexa to tell me jokes. getting into arguments with local politicians. bulk candy. crew socks with loud prints. buying mugs. Target. standing up for what I believe in. using my privilege to do whatever good I can.

these things stress me out:
feeling like a bad ally to marginalized people. the current administration. living blue in a red state. the state of education in my state and in my country. everything the current US president has ever said. being in recovery from self-injury. chronic migraines. overcommitting myself. not having time to write. student loans. doubting that I’m on the right path. depression brain. getting older. comparing myself to others and feeling left behind or inadequate. people who don’t view other people as deserving of basic human rights. every day since November 9 2016.



follow my misguided stumbling through life:


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